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Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

Government sector

personnel planning

The Government sector can be divided into various sub-sectors, because within the government there is a clear distinction in terms of specific planning problems that government institutions have to deal with.


In recent years, the demand for services from municipalities has fluctuated strongly. Just think of reorganisations, financial setbacks, collaborations, performance-related pay and the Wet Maatschappelijke Ondersteuning (Law on Social Support).

Because government policy is geared towards realising an optimal price-quality ratio, municipalities are compelled to devote attention to their internal business processes. An effective and efficient municipal government can be realised and maintained if the municipality focuses on, amongst others, its own employees.

Reorganisations and collaborations often result in different and fewer functions. This leads to other demands being made on the employees in these functions. It becomes an increasingly difficult task to have the right person in the right spot, and increasingly more time will be required to achieve an optimal match.

This demands a definition of the work supply, looking at the content on the one hand, and the staffing on the other. As a result, municipalities are expected to anticipate potential staffing problems and to be able to take timely and appropriate measures to solve them. More and more municipalities are becoming convinced that thanks to Rostar CAS, the flexibility and professionalism of the tasks and services (work supply) are being put to optimal use.

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