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Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

Transport sector


Within the transport segment, and in particular that of public transport (train, tram, bus and airways) the work schedules are fairly uniform, the starting point being the timetable.
This where the link is made between two components: vehicles and individuals. The planning of the vehicles occurs by allocating trajectories (routes) in the most efficient manner possible so that vehicle costs are minimised. This is also referred to as vehicle service. At the same time, for personnel planning, tasks are assigned to the personnel schedule and allowances need to be made for extra requirements (laws governing resting- and running times, collective labour agreements, and company regulations) that do not apply to a vehicle service.



In the field of shipping and ports, the personnel planning of dockworkers needs to be realised on very short notice. A harbour has a number of terminals where ships dock or load and unload. For each duty or shift, there are a number of teams with specific qualifications for the loading of the ship. All shift teams are planned from a central “dispatching” point. The dockworkers are allocated from a pool of permanent and/or temporary employees to a particular duty/shift, depending on their function, availability, and preferences. It is almost impossible to plan in advance more than a certain number of shifts because the estimated time of arrival can fluctuate enormously. Consequently, it is not possible to link consecutive shifts. So the personnel planning consists mainly of the allocation of the dockworkers to a duty/shift (each duty/shift separately). An extra factor is the fact that allowance must always be made for regulations (collective labour agreements and agreements relating to reduction in working hours, ATW).

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strength of Paralax and its Rostar CAS software in terms of flexibility can hardly be better illustrated than through the business sectors specified above. Whether the basis is a fixed timetable or a planning at short notice, Rostar CAS can offer solutions for both, taking into account the wishes, demands and needs with respect to the planning software of the relevant organisation.

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