Wednesday, 26 Sep 2018
logo-pathe Maarssen, 23 October 2012 – The Paralax Productivity Tool enables Pathé to attune the complement of staff at its Dutch and French cinemas to the expected number of visitors. With this computerised management tool, Pathé can determine ahead of time the maximum complement of staff a cinema requires for optimum productivity. Paralax has developed a planning and forecasting solution for Pathé. This allows the cinema chain to very accurately set its annual personnel budget on the basis of the expected visitor numbers. This enables them to increase the productivity of its employees and save considerably on personnel expenses. In the Netherlands and France, Pathé schedules over 3 million personnel hours for 60 million visitors on an annual basis.


The originally French Pathé chain is the largest cinema company in Europe. In the Netherlands, Pathé has 21 cinemas with over 165 cinema screens in all major cities. In France, the company has over 73 cinemas with over 740 screens. In cinemas and theatres, the number of visitors changes every day. As a result, the complement of staff depends on the visitor streams. The Paralax Productivity Tool analyses past visitor numbers and determines how - under certain conditions - the visitors are spread in terms of time frames, week days and opening hours.


Looking for the right balance

“For Pathé, aiming for productivity is of strategic importance. We continuously look for the right balance in the exact number of employees required to offer a specific number of visitors the proper service”, Marc Canisius, Deputy Managing Director of Pathé Theaters BV explains. “In the past, every country applied its own method to determine this, which resulted in time-consuming and complex procedures. With the Productivity Tool, we have a single centralized software solution with which we can integrate operational and strategic planning.” Operational personnel planning was already carried out with Paralax Rostar CAS: a specialised solution for Workforce Management. Thanks to the implementation of the Productivity Tool, Pathé can now also base its decisions on productivity.


Precision right down to the hour

With the Productivity Tool, Pathé can determine ahead of time which theatre may deploy which complement of staff to achieve maximum productivity. It can be adjusted on a daily basis. This allows planners to tell exactly how many hours they can schedule with the established complement of staff, i.e. within the limits of the budget. Canisius: “In the past, we worked with weekly or monthly reports, and therefore could not attribute problems with too little or too much personnel to a certain situation. The Productivity Tool enables us to plan everything down to the hour.”


The Productivity Tool simplifies attuning the required complement of staff to the expected number of visitors per function or work place. The tool calculates the standard complement per hour, per function/work place, for every profile. This standard complement is translated into scheduled shifts per function/work place, which are then staffed with qualified personnel with the aid of Rostar CAS. Through profiles, the entered expectations for a specific period are automatically divided across week days and opening hours. This results in a required complement of staff on shifts that can be scheduled on a certain day. The required complement is sent to Rostar CAS on a daily basis, so the operational planning of personnel can take place here.