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Paris, 30 October 2012 – Every day, the Mondial Assistance Group provides assistance to its clients, both individual and corporate, throughout the world. Its subsidiary GTS, created in 1984, assists the elderly at home and looks after their welfare; GTS is the leading tele-assistance company in France in terms of subscribers.


To serve its 90,000 subscribers, GTS has an operating centre manned by over 40 staff, handling on average over 700,000 calls per year in France. GTS is approved by France's national personal services agency, the ANSP. This is the team that the structure has to plan.


Tele-assistance is a way of allowing an elderly person who is isolated or handicapped to remain at home, safe in the knowledge that help is at hand whatever problems may arise.


GTS tele-assistance operates on a subscription basis: every month, alarm calls are received and processed by the operating centre 24 hours a day, via a transmitter unit and remote control fitted with a red button for emergencies.


This October, the decision was taken by the HR and IT departments to schedule the staffing of the operating centre: a complex task, as the planners have to reconcile a range of constraints - labour law, contract flexibility, language skills/automotive knowledge, etc. - over long work shifts, 24/7, day and night.


Christophe Genton, HR Director of GTS, has chosen Rostar CAS as the scheduling software, combined with the Web module: "Staff can consult their schedule from home and post their holiday requests on line for simplified processing by the scheduler".


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the first phase, the package has to help the scheduler to produce a provisional schedule covering a whole year in weekly cycles.


In the second phase, the unavailabilities of the team can be managed over the month M+1. If a member of staff is not available, an "intelligent" pop-up window opens that automatically suggests a replacement meeting the necessary criteria, such as availability, skills, time quotas to be filled, etc.


A third and final stage manages absences in real time, day by day, to cope with unforeseen circumstances.


Olivier Serfaty, Managing Director of Paralax Planning Solutions France, concludes: "We are proud to have been the schedulers for the GTS tele-assistance teams. We had the two-fold challenge of assisting the planner in producing his schedules, thus reducing planning time, while at the same time complying with legal requirements and the operating constraints of tele-assistance".