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Wednesday, 26 Sep 2018

Paralax, software for personnel planning

personnel planning


Paralax has been developing, programming and implementing software for personnel planning for more than 25 years. With its total solutions within existing infrastructures, Paralax enables you to make efficient and effective use of your personnel. Our professional personnel planning software can be seamlessly integrated with HR packages as input, and salary packages as output. All relevant collective labour agreements and the competencies of your personnel are taken into account.

Paralax’s personnel planning software saves an enormous amount of time in both planning and administration activities and provides you with an extensive control function. Examples include management reports, overviews, and the possibility of assigning privileges to your users at various levels.

Paralax always builds its software using the most up-to-date programming languages. The advantage of this is that the software keeps pace with the latest developments, and benefits from all the latest technologies. As a result, Paralax can customise the software entirely to suit your individual wishes and needs.


Years of experience

Having started out in a rural country house on the banks of the river Vecht in the Netherlands, the Paralax staff is now responsible for more than 1,000 implementations for more than 600 customers in over 20 different business sectors throughout Europe.


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