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Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

Rostar Cas, Software for personnel planning

personnel planning


Rostar CAS is a unique planning package. The intuitive user interface makes scheduling easy and clear. CAS stands for Computer Aided Scheduling; the planner is assisted by the software in making scheduling decisions. The comprehensive functionality offers a solution for every scheduling problem in your organisation. With Rostar CAS, your organisation has a flexible, reliable and powerful planning solution.


Number 1 in user-friendliness

One of the areas in which Paralax has distinguished itself over the last 25 years is the design of its user interface. Rostar CAS creates order in the chaos of data that is essential for the scheduling process. Real Time counts provide an up-to-date status of the important schedule parameters, such as the number of hours that an employee has worked and the holiday entitlement balance. More…

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1 in reliability

Rostar CAS is a powerful and stable software product. As a result of its years of experience, Paralax has acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge in the field of personnel planning in a wide variety of sectors.

Number 1 in flexibility and functionality

Rostar CAS gives you extensive functionality to assist your scheduling process. You can print and e-mail schedules, exchange and move schedules, and create users and assign specific access privileges. You can extend the functionality of Rostar CAS with extra modules like the Report Module, the SMS Module and the Web Access Module.

The design of the worksheets, the calculations that are performed, the content and layout of reports, it’s all flexible. The system can adapt itself to the needs of your organisation in order to support your processes rather than restricting them.


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