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Sunday, 21 Jul 2019

Implementation Services

personnel planning

The Paralax Support department can provide customised Consultancy. Business Consultants, Senior Consultants and Project managers are well qualified to support your organisation. Dependent on the complexity and scope of a project, one or more types of consultants will be appointed, led by a Project manager who has the final responsibility for the whole project.
Consultants’ skills

In addition to the essential knowledge on planning, the consultants all have extensive knowledge of databases, interfaces, third party software and operating systems. Individual expertise is always shared and the consultants will support each other in mastering new technologies.

The consultant will take part in the whole implementation cycle. After the implementation is complete the Consultant is available for support tasks.

During the implementation, a Project manager and one or more Consultants will be present. After the project goes live, this Consultant will transfer the process- and scheduling information to the Paralax Service desk. If you wish to submit a modification request after this point, you can always call in the Consultant.


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